Hello, I am Rupinderjeet!

I'm an indie app developer from Punjab, India. I started programming in 2012 and ever since then, I never got tired or bored of programming. My interest in programming led to my carrier as a developer. These days, I try to develop apps and websites while learning more-and-more technologies. If there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me anytime.

I'd love to chat about job opportunities, my projects, programming, or anything on your mind.


Anonymous Camera more_vert
close Anonymous Camera

Allows you to take pictures secretly through some easily-accessible shortcuts :)

For more information, visit website.

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Gifrand more_vert
close Gifrand

Gifrand helps you find and share Random GIFs from Giphy's GIF database.

You can't save these GIFs to your device. It is not allowed as per Usage Terms from Giphy's API. So, I can't add support for downloading GIFs.

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Cross Zero more_vert
close Cross Zero

I made a cross zero(X-O) game once for fun. You can play it with your friends, but not as a multiplayer-online game.

If you want to play, visit this website.

The Gift of Charity more_vert
close The Gift of Charity

A gift for the people who want to support my development by purchasing this donation app.

Includes small collection of gifts.

For more information, visit website.

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~~ Someday, there will be more items in here! ~~