Chat App Development Progress


As of now, Chat Client is able to connect to Chat Server to send/receive messages

The App GUI is being developed yet, and improving everyday. Now, it has a SignUp button, Connect Button and a Settings Slider. I will replace SignUp button with Google/Facebook authentication scheme which is much easier and there is no need to remember user emails/passwords. So, for some days, I will be travelling through these auth methods and learn how to use them here.

Again keep visiting, I will be updating more about this app.

Thank You,

June 17, 2016

Started Chat App Development


I started developing a chat-based app in android using Android Studio.

This App is going to act as Client and connect to a Chat Server. If this app becomes releasable and gets good response, I will start making Desktop and Web Application for the Same. Now that Swift is open-source, I might make one for iOS too, but that's far for now as i don't have any knowledge about Swift programming, waiting for a good book for Windows.

However, the main problem, right now, is the Server Cost. A Chat Server must be strong and able to handle large number of users concurrently. Initially, I will program a deploy-ready code for Server-side machine and make a local server to test the app with friends. Then, If i had enough money to launch this one globally, I will do it.

So keep visiting, I will be updating the progress of this app.

Thank You,

June 12, 2016

Development Paused


Yeah, it is true. But, It is temporary. I will be back with lots of more stuff with more knowledge/experience soon.

Yesterday, I received a call from a Job Consultancy Service. They were asking if I wanted to change my current job. I told them that I was looking for a Software/Website Development job. On which, they signed me up for a telephonic interview. The telephonic interview consisted of very simple questions and lasted about 10 minutes. But to my surprise, I was only able to answer 4 out of 10 questions correctly. All this time, I was blabbing everyone/everywhere that I can develop websites and software, when i don't even know such basic concepts of HTML tags and CSS properties.

I came to know that I, really, lack knowledge and experience in every field. And then, I found some more good books about everything i need to know and work upon, today. Therefore, I will not be able to keep up with the development for now. I will be busy reading the books, one chapter & one test a day. I calculated that it will take me a month approximately for this rebuild.

Don't worry, I will keep throwing minor updates in between. Have fun!

Thank You,

May 05, 2016

Major Changes


So far with the development, I hope this website will ever get completed.

But, for now, I want to inform everyone that since this month started, a lot of changes happened.

  1. 1. The Statistics page have a Total Reach and Visitors counter now. All visitors can go through a function(mark-your-attendance) and get listed in my email.
  2. 2. The menu bar had a lot of tabs, I wanted to cut-down/shift some of them in one another.
    1. a. The content of 'Website Development News' resides in 'Statistics' tab now.
    2. b. The content of 'Educational Details' is moved to 'Portfolio' tab.
    3. c. The content of 'Feedback' tab was removed permanently along with the tab-trigger. I am going to merge the 'Feedback' option with the 'Report an Issue' button or may be I will merge both of them in 'Contact Form' modal on 'Contact' tab, but not yet.
  3. 3. I am discontinuing use of third-party service 'Disqus'. It was used for storing 'Feedback' comments, but it never worked as i wanted. After a week or more, it stops displaying previous comments. I haven't used Google/Facebook Comments yet, because I needed a service where i can customize the design on comments and comment box myself. But for that, I think I only need a storage service rather than a Comment Service.

I will be uploading a short video/images of the recent version of this website(May 31 and before). The 'Home' and 'Education' tabs are still there and will be fully removed on May 07, 2016.

Thank You,

May 03, 2016

_Website Development Slowed Down


@Everyone: The development of website is slowed down from last monday(Apr 05, 2015). As you all know, I use tethered mobile internet to update every change on the website, but now I have lost the Internet connectivity from my mobile now. I have Samsung Galaxy S2 and last Sunday it lost its IMEI Number(can't be repaired easily). Dialing *#06# shows 'IMEI null/null'. So, this mobile can't pick up SIM Card network now, which leads to the reason of slowed development as i will not have Internet.

Update: Apr 7, 2016 : I got to use Internet from my Desk Job. Now, I use my office computer's LAN wire for Internet to update the website. So, I will be updating the website randomly and weekly now.

Update: Apr 21, 2016 : My phone started working again! and Everything is back to normal now.

Thank You,

Apr 06, 2016